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Benjamin Jankowski, Senior Vice President, Media, Mastercard

“A great piece of insight into the role of data in brand growth strategies. I’d encourage all marketeers and their partners to explore the findings that demonstrate how we can easily enrich our own data sets and build better consumer journeys.”

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Findings from Kantar’s 2021 Global Advertiser Survey

Data strategies for brand growth

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Our findings underline how responsible data stewardship can enable marketers to grow share of pocket in order to grow market share.

  • - Unlocking the power of first-party data: a gateway to better relationships and better results
  • - How relevant and reliable data is essential for real-time targeting in an increasingly cookieless world
  • - Why an effective, share driving dialogue strategy only comes from access to consistent and meaningful data

80% of advertisers want their in-house segmentations to enable media planning and activation.

76% of advertisers believe that data should be used 'by everyone: us and our agencies'.

Is data overload actively inhibiting insight?