Interpret your results effortlessly with highly intuitive dashboards that give you the flexibility to configure your view. Translate survey findings from any persepctive and compare results across tests or versus our norms.

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Make decisions confidently with the benefit of survey sampling that is unparalleled on breadth, depth and quality. All respondents are identity-verified so you know you can trust your results.

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Take advantage of flexible service options that allow you to tap into expertise at any time, on any project. Access Kantar specialists in your market who know your industry and deliver on your agile market research.

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“Kantar’s Marketplace is super quick, easy to use and very intuitive. Even in its lowest cost solution it delivers so much more for your money than competitors.” 

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"The platform is really intuitive, and I was really impressed with how easy and fast it was to set up a test. I was able to set up a multi-cell test on a Friday and by Monday we were already having conversations with the Marketing team and agency about results."

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Get powerful insights using a market research tool that flexes with your needs

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Analyse des tendances de consommation des médias et actualités en Europe de l’Ouest.

5 étapes clés pour une stratégie de communication plus pertinente

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Test advertising, vet innovation concepts, optimise media placements and more with automated solutions. 

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Draw upon powerful insights using a market research tool that flexes with your needs

Le buzz autour de certains canaux ne déforme-t-il pas la réalité ?

La confiance dans les médias est une émotion complexe

Fast data : faut-il renoncer à la qualité des insights ?

We empower clients to successfully manage and protect their reputations:

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En février et mars derniers, nous avons interrogé plus de 700 communicants et 6 000 individus en Europe de l’Ouest.

Nous vous présentons les principaux enseignements de cette étude, et notamment certains constats qui interrogent.

  • - Les marques médias et plateformes les plus polarisantes
  • - Les filtres complexes mis en place par les agrégateurs et les plateformes qui affectent votre réputation
  • - Les informations sont-elles de plus en plus automatisées et basées sur les données ? 
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